DotSmiley is a merge between art, online technology, social networking and the pure benefit of “doing good by thinking good”.

It is also decorative and unique art. Each DotSmiley is an original painting on canvas by Roger Larsen and it can be used to make a statement in your work place or at home, you can also infuse a DotSmiley with your positive thoughts and commitments.

We invite you to share this with the world – it is a world where the gap for our survival seems to narrow. Our bet is that this will only be true if we believe so, and it is up to each and all of us to take responsibility for ourselves and the world.

We are aslo working on a project in Vietnam, we want to establish a DotSmiley school, click here to read more.

Welcome to the world of DotSmiley!

We bring your thoughts forward with Love and Respect...

Click here to see Roger Larsen explain about Dotsmiley and individual art on Danish television



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