OK, here comes the crux, should we say that DotSmiley’s should be used to decoration, or should we say that they could?

We go for Should, with a big sizzling “S”...

Now, the commitment, blog and the “I want to save the planet ”, celebrate a wedding and more can get out of hand, A DotSmiley on the wall will never - it sits there, with brother and sisters, or on its own, and keeps the room where it hangs decorated.

So we go from one DotSmiley to two, three, a cluster of 16 in a square or rectangle, a row, each with a registered commitment for the family, or your company…

Each DotSMiley is a unique oil or acryl on canvas and handcrafted with love and respect by Roger Larsen.

About Roger Larsen

Born in 1958 in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, painter, sculptor (bronze, iron, clay) and designer.

Roger lives in Cannes, Cote d'Azur and has built up a strong world-wide market namely in the Middle East, Switzerland, Germany, USA, France and Scandinavia.

Roger is the founder of DotSmiley.com and Tiramisu Design.

Roger has also gained a significant reputation as a designer, creative management coach and lecturer.

Literature on Roger Larsen and his work:

  • Sa’va Ceret 1994
  • Bleu - La vie est incroyable 1995
  • Roger Larsen 1999
  • In Love and Respect 2003
  • Thoughts Magazine 2005
And a large amount of articles, radio broadcasts and television coverage, please see RogerLarsen.com for more info.



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