DotSmiley Corporation is expanding along with the maturing and development of ideas.

The overall purpose of DotSmiley Corporation is to be – and further develop into a ”Goodwill ambassador” for improving conditions for man and nature. Experts will be called in on different business areas, charity or other products emerging from the culture.

DotSmiley Corporation will work without limitations and at any time we will venture into new activities as they are approved by the DotSmiley steering committee or an appointed board of advisors. To the best of its ability DotSmiley will contribute with the necessary means and funds.

Basically, DotSmiley Corporation is impartial and will therefore not engage in party politics, and we will not stand as a spokesman for the DotSmiley users’ universe.

DotSmiley’s platform/user interface/”open space”/universe/website (
DotSmiley will create ”personal signatures” in the form of arts and graphics primarily created by artist and designer Roger Larsen ( is an ”open space” where users of DotSmiley can meet and exchange knowledge, opinions and join in on activities, and they will receive ”Goodwilloffers”.

DotSmiley will participate in charity activities as best we can – primarily relating to general improvement of children’s conditions of life.

To the benefit of its users DotSmiley will develop a universe of offers and business opportunities.

DotSmiley reserves the right to reject users abusing DotSmiley in the ”open space” or in any other way abusing DotSmiley-related arts or graphics in a commercial way or in other manners going beyond the general ambition of DotSmiley to be a ”Goodwill ambassador”. The Buyer/owner of a DotSmiley has the right as ”the user” – but NOT for Commercial use! - Commercial rights exclusively belongs the artist Roger Larsen

- your new original and personal smiley, ”coat-of-arms”, logo or family insignia

The DotSmiley team wants to spread the word and do some good...

We are particularly interested in finding enterprising people in between jobs, good sales people and web site owners.

  • The DotSmiley Create a Job initiative
  • Established sales persons
  • Website owners

To apply, please send an email to with a full C.V. and a motivational. In the case of established sales people and web sites, please provide a motivational. We are careful with what we do and reserve this opportunity for keen do-good'ers ;)



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